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SF Nansy - Series Inline Floats - New Model... 

SF Nansy - Series Inline Floats

  • Type of float: fixed Lock: centrally side opening 
  • Body: made of balsa guaranteeing the sensitivity of the float. 
  • Kiel: inoxAntenna: balsa wood 
  • Paint: paints and varnishes with properties providing strength and durability for prolonged use in extreme conditions! 
  • Ponds: rivers and ponds closed 
  • Depth: 1,0-3,0m. 
  • Fishing conditions: weak to moderate wind 
  • Fish species: carp, carassio, chub, rudd, gray mullet 
Very convenient to use fishing float shaped elongated rugby ball! Antenna from balsa with excellent visibility! Stainless steel keel! Central side opening! Suitable for crucian, carp, chub.