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SF 3-015 Serie Inline Floats - New  Model... 

SF 3-015  Serie Inline Floats
  • Type of float: fixed 
  • Lock: side opening 
  • Body: made of balsa guaranteeing the sensitivity of the float. 
  • Kiel: fiberglass 
  • Antenna: hollow multicolor 4,5мм possibility of varying with the starlite antenna 
  • Paint: paints and varnishes with properties providing strength and durability for prolonged use in extreme conditions! 
  • Ponds: rivers and ponds closed 
  • Depth: 1,0-6,0m.Fishing conditions: weak to moderate wind 
  • Fish species: carp, carassio, chub, rudd, gray mullet 

SF 3-015 produced for fishing in rivers with low to moderate over the water! It can be used successfully in closed ponds! 

Equipped with fiberglass keel and perfectly visible multicolor antenna 4.5 mm.! 

Suitable for Gray mullet, Nase, Carassio