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SF Carbon Sense No1 

SF Carbon Sense No2 

  • -Type of float: Waggler 
  •  -Lock: swivel 
  • -Body: made of balsa wood guaranteeing sensitivity of the float. 
  • -Kiel: carbon fitted with silicone adapter for antennas. 
  • -Antenna: 
     dense plastic 4,5/35mm. 
     dense plastic 3,0/60mm. 
     hollow plastic 6,5/65mm. 
  • -Paint: varnish properties ensure strength and durability during prolonged use in extreme conditions! 
  • -Ponds: closed ponds and lakes. 
  • -Depth: 1,0-5,0m. 
  • -Fishing conditions: weak to moderate wind 
  • -Fish species: carp, carassio, bream, rudd ,and also very shy fish. 
  • -Weights: 8,0gr. ;10,0gr. ;12,0gr. ;14,0gr. 16,0gr. ;18,0gr. ;20,0gr.